Form lasting connections, across your organization.

"Bump into" like-minded people regularly, by sparking and joining conversations you are interested in.
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We tend to form lasting connections with people we repeatedly encounter in shared social contexts. At work, we tend to be closer to people who sit around us- who we share a physical space with. We tend to be closer to people on our team- who we share a team context with. However, we are limited to forming connections within shared contexts that are visible- we can see people that sit around us and we are aware of people on our team. Several social contexts that are just as fertile for forming new connections can often be invisible. You might not know who else, in your organization, is interested in baking or who else is currently learning graphic design.

Nooks makes these invisible shared contexts visible and allows you to find your people!

💼 What does all this mean for your workplace?

Improved connectedness at work is known to improve wellbeing, access to new information and resources, and coordination. An interconnected workplace opens up new possibilities for action, creativity, and innovation.

🤔 What are nooks?

Nooks are conversations created on topics people across your workplace want to discuss. Not sure if others are also watching the latest basketball match or want to discuss a recent book you read? Create a new nook anonymously and find your crowd, with the click of a button!

Nooks are specially designed to make workplace socialization easier, and better.
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Initiating conversations made easier

Workplace socialization programs can be awkward. You're matched with people but you might not know what to talk about. Nooks flips the setup: you anonymously tell us what you want to talk about and we find you people who want to talk to you.
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Time-limited conversations

Nooks only last for a single day aimed at increasing member interactions. Wanting to talk about Basketball today doesn't mean you want to talk about Basketball a week later and we understand that!

🕵️ How does the NooksBot work?

👉 Members get a daily list of nooks added by others, and they can click 'Interested' if they would like to join the conversation
👉 Everyday, they'll be matched to the nooks they expressed interest in on the previous day
👉 Members in the nook can talk about the topic and after a day the channel is archived
👉 The app also shows members people they've spoken to most often within nooks in case they want to start conversations with them outside Nooks

Learn more about adding the NooksBot to your workspace!

Learn more about adding the NooksBot to your workspace!