Spark meaningful connections across your organization through shared experiences


Attempts to improve workplace connectedness during remote work have largely revolved around scheduled dedicated time for conversations and structured activities such as Zoom Parties and coffee chats. As such, they involve coordination that is inherently effortful- and sometimes even impossible when teams are distributed- which limits their frequency. By reducing shared experiences between individuals, remote work has caused organizations to become less interconnected. Organization communication networks have become static and insular with fewer new connections being added and fewer information flows across disparate parts of organizations.

Nooks are created to help solve these problems for *your* organization!

🤔 What are nooks?

Nooks are daily channels created around topics team members want to discuss. Not sure if others are also watching the latest Basketball match or want to discuss a recent paper you read? Anonymously create a new nook and get started with the click of a button!

Nooks are specially designed to make workplace socialization easier
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They make initial conversations easier!

Initial conversations with people are hard-even if they have things in common with you. Nooks allow you to interact with new members with ease: the topic of conversation is already given to you!
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Algorithmic Group Matching

Each member is only matched to a single nook every day. This reduces the number of people in a nook and helps create stronger bonds within the nooks. We're also working on using Nooks as a means to help increase diversity inclusion
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Time-limited converstations

Nooks only last for a single day aimed at increasing member interactions. Wanting to talk about Basketball today doesn't mean you want to talk about Basketball a week later and we understand that!

🕵️ How does the NooksBot work?

👉 Everyday, members will get list of nooks added by others, and asked to 'swipe' left or right
👉 The next day, they'll be matched to one of these nooks based on their interests and some global optimum results
👉 Members in the nook can talk about the topic and build relations, and after a day the channel is archived

💼 What does all this mean for your workspace?

For individuals, improved connectedness at work can enhance wellbeing, allow access to new information and resources, improve coordination, and support the development of professional identities. Ultimately, an interconnected workplace opens up new possibilities for action and creativity and can lead to higher quality innovative work. 

Learn more about adding the NooksBot to your workspace!

Learn more about adding the NooksBot to your workspace!